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A Time To Act: Faith in the G20

By Katherine Marshall

The ancient Greeks saw time in different ways. Chronos time passes inexorably, with rules, relentless rhythms, and inevitabilities. But Kairos time symbolizes special moments, times of challenge, opportunity, and grace. Kairos moments conjure urgency and alliances, in the face of momentous challenges, like Apartheid or other deep divisions and injustice.

Why speak of a Kairos moment now and why here? A summons to collective action, now, aptly reflects the spirit that inspired the G20 Interfaith Forum (IF20) gathering in Abu Dhabi in December 2022. It underscored that this is a time when Kairos commitments and prophetic voices are sorely needed – voices that bring bold long-term visions, cut through platitudes and conventional wisdom, and call us to action.

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