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Weapons of White Supremacy

By Keisha Bush, Author

White supremacy permeates so much of our culture that most of us don’t even recognize how we individually support and perpetuate it in our daily lives.

Cancel culture is a perfect example.

Cancel culture was, and still is, the choice weapon of white supremacy and patriarchy. To “cancel” someone is to take a position of power over their body and deem yourself “master.”

Kings, queens, dictators, and plantation slave owners were singularly Judge, Jury, and Executioner over the bodies of our ancestors.

Ukraine Statement

Statement by the G20 Interfaith Forum on the Present and Unfolding Tragedy in Ukraine and Eastern Europe

The remit of the G20 Interfaith Forum includes

“The objective of facilitating constructive dialogue among societal leaders in faith, government, business, media, and a full range of civil society institutions, on how interfaith resources can enhance social, economic, and cultural policies and programs for the well-being of the global community.”

In the interests of furthering this remit, and in the context of the current Russo-Ukrainian conflict, the G20 Interfaith Forum…

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